Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pete comes to town!

today Pete Tew comes to town. he will stay with us for awhile. he will be here for heath's blessing on 0ct 12th. heath is growing up so fast. he is holding his head up very well and looking from side to side. he smiles a lot in the morning. he responds well to sound and can follow a toy from side to side. he is so sweet. we just adore him. he has been sick once already and nurse mom decided to take his temperature rectally. WOW!!!! He thought he had to take a dump right when it went in. he got the look and then took the biggest dump ever!!! It went all over the couch, momma's hand and up his back. It was truly a sight to see. We had to flip the couch cushion over. We are excited for Grandpa Tew to be here shortly. Maybe we'll get him to take us out to dinner. We are always in for a free meal from the parents....either side of the family...we are not prejudice.

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