Sunday, October 24, 2010

oct 2010 update

Berke Atlas is now close to being 7 months. He is getting so big! I wonder how soon it will be when he towers over Heath. He is a chunk & loves to eat like mom & dad. Berke is so happy. He laughs so much. He laughs when mom is changing his diaper, he laughs at Heath all the time, He laughs at the dog, and he laughs @ mom & dad. He is so sweet. He loves to be kissed & held. Berke laughs when Heath does naughty things. He laughs when Heath throws things or spits! Not good. Mom has a hard time holding back her laughter. Heath is growing up in his 2nd year of life. His favorite things right now are cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, & choo chooz. Heath loves to wake up in the morning to eat a banana & 'drinken.' He has to have his 'bits' meaning bears in the morning to sit with him on the couch. Heath is learning to poo & pee pee in the potty. So far he has gone once yesterday. We are looking forward to Halloween this weekend. October in Albuquerque they have a balloon fiesta. Tho boys loved it!!