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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok....finally updates to the BLOGgggg.

Heath's 1st birthday!! We went to a park in ABQ & some people from the ward & work came to sing to Heath. He loved it. He got cake all over the place & then went & played in the sand & slide. He ate & ate cake & ice cream. Just like momma does.

We also went to the cabin....& grandpa took us on a hike. The whole family hiking brand new baby girls...Dasha & Sienna. Some of us complained, but it was beautiful. The lake was freezing cold. Jill, MJ, & Nikki got in it...crazy girls!!!! We took Heath on a four wheel ride. He had a blast.

THen we went to the Bees game with Tracy & Greg. tHen we went to Provo to see Josh's Mother & his aunt Belinda & some Crestview peoplez. Heath loved all the attention.

Then we went to good ole' Cherry Hill. It was Josh & Heath's first time. They loved it!!! Heath loved the water. He was so excited I am sure that he was incontinent of his bladder!!! Jennifer & her kids were there & Christi & her kids were there too. It was fun.

Also in Utah, Julie had to see her missionary friends. We met at a park and at some treats & hung out. Everyone is growing up. Dunston got married. Gregory had a kid. Hackett & Gregory were going to school!!! They are all crazy girlzzz.

Taft & Jill & their two lovely dogs had us all over for a fourth of July Celebration & cook out first thing we attended when we flew into Utah on the 4th of July. Timothy cooked some yum food & we played some football & I beat all of my brothers and nephews!! Ha ha.

I you cannot tell....Heath's fang teeth came in first on the top row of teeth. He is so silly. His middle two grew in later but for awhile he was our little vanpire boy.