Sunday, October 26, 2008


POopy Doopy down the Leg.

Heath had the cutest Gymboree outfit on Friday and he lost it down his leg onto his socks and shoes!!! Yummy! That breast milk really keeps him regular. He went to his 1st Davis High football game. It was cold, but he was wrapped up tight and was kept warm. He loved all the noises, lights, and people all around him. We sat by Greg, Tracy and some of her family, and Tim on the top row. I had to leave early with Heaffers because he pooped again and I didn't want to change him in the freezing cold. Today at church the Young women passed him around and just loved him to death. I picked Heath up in his car seat and he landed face first on the ground because the handle was not locked. My bad!! It will be amazing if I don't injure him before he grows up....I am such a clutz. It is a beautiful fall day. The leaves are changing and it is so pretty outside. Heath loves to go outside and go on walks.

Baby Gordon 2

Friday, October 24, 2008


Heath Gordon Tew is amazing. He is so strong!!! He is very good at holding his head up and pushing off the ground with his arms. He is very good at bearing weight on his legs. He is very swirmy and loves to kick his little legs. He loves to exercise like mommy! He is a very active and healthy young man. Heath stays home with daddy while mom works. He is cooing and smiling a lot....and still crying at times. Grandpa Pete is home now in Florida. He loves Heath's cry and said that he could not tell if he was laughing or crying. It is cold!!!!!! We are excited for Heath's 1st Halloween. He is going to be a lion...RRRRRRrrrrroar!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heath Gordon Tew's Blessing DAy

It was a special day for Heath Gordon. We woke up and there was about 3 inches of snow on the ground...and it was still snowing. Heath was dressed in white in his blessing outfit that his grandma Ginny Tew bought for him. He did so good during the blessing. My brothers said they peaked during the blessing and he was smiling and cooing looking right above him. Josh did a very good job giving the blessing. He talked clearly and the words that came out were bless Heath with many wonderful blessings including temple marriage, obedience, mission, education, and following the Lord. Mom bore her thankamony. Many people and friends. We all ate a ton after. The kids were all playing in the snow...Ava, Jackson, Max, Ezra, Josie, and Van.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heath TEwz very 1sT Snow SHoWEr!!!

Heath had his first snow in October!!! Today! We have been getting ready for the blessing tomorrow. We are excited for his special day tomorrow. I remember when I was blessed and it was so special.....I am just kidding I can't remember what day it is today! We don't want winter already!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! That old lexus in the background is terrible in the snow. If we die this year it will be because the lexus slid in a snow storm! Peace out!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So sad!!

Just had to blog about little Heath and his sadness. He has his moments throughout the day and night where he makes himself known with his lungs. He has a big lower lip and it is so adorable when he is sad!!! That is one thing that we noticed right when Heath was that he had a large lower lip. Check him out! Pete loves his cry and calls it his laugh because it kinda sounds like a laugh when he first starts to cry. I love it. My mom used to encourage little babies to cry so that she could hear their cry and now I know why...because their cry is so cute and it really shows their personality. We love Heath Gordon even when he cries.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Two Month Heath Gordon!!!

Heath!!! We are so proud of you! You are growing well and functioning like a normal 2 month baby should!!!! We took Heath to his two month dr appt today. His doctor is Dr Hoagland in the Kaysville Tanner Clinic. He weighed 11.57 and is 55%. His height is 23.5 and 75%. His OFC is 16 at 75%. He is doing very well. Happy two months Heath Gordon our sweet baby boy!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Trenton Higley family


Trenton, Christi, Max, Jackson, and Ezra all came over on Sunday Conference weekend. They picked some fruit and veggies. Christi is pregnant with a girl!! We are so excited to see her and hold her. Heath loved all the attention. He loves to see little kids. They all rode their bikes to the house. I can't wait till Heath is big enough to ride a bike!!!!

Skite and Zeggy

As part of our rent, my dad has us take care of his two dogs!!! Zeggy and Skite. Skite is the sweet yellow lab who does not need to be tied up and is obedient most of the time. Zeggy is the black lab who is a naughty and has to be locked up or tied up. Zeggy has caused us more trouble that we know what to do with ourselves!!!! GEeeez!!! She has got bit by a rattle snake, she has jumped on a girl who has down syndrome (who absolutely hates dogs), she has jumped on all kinds of people both young and old, she has got caught by the pound, she has chewed through many leashes. She is just out of control!!! We take good care of them. We used to take them on long walks and hikes, but our lives changed for the better when Heath came! Thank you Heath!!!! We just hope that Zeggy won't get pregnant from some random dog!!!!

Antelope Island

We took Pete out to Antelope Island!!! We saw some buffalo and brine shrimp! The water level is really low. We also saw a red tail fox on the way out. Heath came with us. We had a good time. We ate at Hogi Yogi/ Teriaki sticks afterwards. 3 generations of trouble...Pete, Josh, and Heath!!!

Pete went hunting with one of his friends...Bob. This is what he looked like when we came home. He was so tired that he slept in till 1200 the next day. He had a good time and hiked 2 miles!!!! Go Pete! Unfortunately they did not shoot anything.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

FTM reunion!!!

On Oct 3rd...we had the Florida Tallahassee Mission reunion!!!! It was so much fun to see people I have not seen in awhile. They all loved baby Heath so much! We just talked and ate and talked and ate!! Leslie Coppin and I had a arm wrestle....she had no mercy for me. She has been lifting these last few months....that is why she beat me. It was so much fun. Baby Heath was awake the entire time. He was so tired by the time we got home!! Today is my birthday. I am 28! Yikes! I sang happy birthday to myself and lit a candle for myself and ate a big bowel of peaches and ice cream! Yummy. Conference was today...there were some excellent talks. The church is true, the book is blue, and God's a mormon!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Friday, October 3, 2008

Grandpa Pete!!!!!!!!!!!

pete got to see the child that is named after him. Heath Gordon Tew. Maybe one day he will be called Pete too. I think Heath likes his grandpa!!!! Pete is gone hunting today with his friend Bobby. Grandpa Pete is a good man. He loves to tell stories and talk. We had fresh eggs from the chickens and fresh dug potatoes for breakfast yesterday. Yum. It is a beautiful fall day. We are going to a mission reunion tonight. Gloria, Tyler, Ava, and Josie came over today to get some apples. Heath was on his tummy outside and was looking from side to side loving the outside scenery. We are glad to have Pete with us for a few weeks. Heath loves his grandpa Pete 2!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008