Sunday, May 31, 2009

time fliezzzzz

Heath is getting so big. I was looking at some random pics today to see baby Heath when he was first born. He was so little. It is hard to believe that he is almost ten months and pitching fits now and throwing minny tantroms. Geeeez. Heath loves the computer and wants to get on it everytime mom or dad is on it. We are getting excited to go to Utah in July. Wahooo!! A vacation....too bad there is no ocean there. O well.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Heath showing some crack.  Momma can't keep up with this little kid.  He just goes and goes.  He does not want to stop.  Heath Gordon is being loud in church and restuaraunts now.  I think it is adorable.  He yells.  I love it.  Wednesday....Heath got to see his aunt Jennifer.  She came and babysat Heath while Josh was out of town in Arkansas.  Heath just loved his aunt and had a blast with her.  We went out to eat a lot and shopping a lot too.  All three of us had a good time.  I am thankful that my sister was able to watch Heath.  Here goes another week.  La lA LA ALALAL.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sante Fe, New Mexico

Brooke Stanley from Pineview Transitional Rehab came down to help out at our rehab center.  This is her second time in the last few weeks.  The first time we came down, we tried to go out to eat and went to three different places before settling down to eat somewhere because several places did not accept credit cards so we ended up eating at Dions.  This time she came down, we went to Sante Fe New Mexico.  We ate at a yummy New Mexican resteraunt called Tomasita's.  Yum.  Then we walked to the plaza and looked at some of the art stores.  It was a nice night.  

They love spray paint here in New Mexico.  Our brand new facility got tagged with spray paint last weekend.  Crazy.  We are not in Kansas anymore.  

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma Julie Tew loves her boyzzz.

Happy Mother's day!  This is my first mothers day as a mother!  Heath is now 9 months and I have loved every moment as mother.  Heath brings so much joy to me no matter what he is doing.  He makes me so happy and makes me laugh everyday.  Heath wants love all the time.  He loves to be with mom and dad.  I love coming home from work to see Heath and hold him....right when I walk in the door, Heath starts to cry and wants to be held by momma.  Heath cuddles with momma all night long.  He is so sweet.  He still crosses his legs like he was in the womb still.  He does not sleep through the night, but momma doesn't mind feeding him at night.  Heath started walking yesterday while holding on to mom's hands.  He is going to be walking before we know it.  Heath takes naps on the lazyboy and on dad's chest.  I am a mother to Josh too.  I am not the best mom though to my two boys, but I love them both and that is what is the most important.  I love Josh and Heath!!!  Josh works the night shift on the weekend and before he left last night, he asked me what I wanted for Mother's day...and I told him a treat and a long love note.  He did just that and then some.  He wrote me a page long love note!!!!!!!  Hand written!!!!  I was so suprised.  He also got me an "office" talking card which has Micheal Scott from our favorite TV show talking about being a parent and how you just give kids pizza and hilarious.  He aslo got me some black licorice...My favorite!  Also some candy for my desk and some flip flops for the beach someday.  He is so sweet.  I love it. Happy Mother's day to me!  Ha ha.  Peace out.

Heath Gordon.

Heath's first time swiming!!!!!!!!!!! A friend from Utah invited us to go swimming at her motel.  Heath loved it.  Didn't like getting out though.  He probably drank a gallon of chlorine...

It was a rainy day that day and he loved to lick the window to feel the coolness on his tongue.  Mom licked the window too but didn't take a picture because that would be embarrassing.  Ha Ha.  

So handsome.  Watch out all ladies.  Heath is the sweetest little guy ever.  He's dust a whittle baby!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Our name for Heath right now is 'Kid'.  Hey kid!!  You are the cutest little kid ever!  He is just so sweet and I could just kiss him all day long.

Heath's taking real baths now and lovin' it!!!

Heath loves his baths.  I was using an infant tub and just started putting him in the tub and he LOVES it!!!  He swims and splashes all over the place.  He could stay in there all day long.  He is the sweetest little guy ever!!