Sunday, May 10, 2009

Momma Julie Tew loves her boyzzz.

Happy Mother's day!  This is my first mothers day as a mother!  Heath is now 9 months and I have loved every moment as mother.  Heath brings so much joy to me no matter what he is doing.  He makes me so happy and makes me laugh everyday.  Heath wants love all the time.  He loves to be with mom and dad.  I love coming home from work to see Heath and hold him....right when I walk in the door, Heath starts to cry and wants to be held by momma.  Heath cuddles with momma all night long.  He is so sweet.  He still crosses his legs like he was in the womb still.  He does not sleep through the night, but momma doesn't mind feeding him at night.  Heath started walking yesterday while holding on to mom's hands.  He is going to be walking before we know it.  Heath takes naps on the lazyboy and on dad's chest.  I am a mother to Josh too.  I am not the best mom though to my two boys, but I love them both and that is what is the most important.  I love Josh and Heath!!!  Josh works the night shift on the weekend and before he left last night, he asked me what I wanted for Mother's day...and I told him a treat and a long love note.  He did just that and then some.  He wrote me a page long love note!!!!!!!  Hand written!!!!  I was so suprised.  He also got me an "office" talking card which has Micheal Scott from our favorite TV show talking about being a parent and how you just give kids pizza and hilarious.  He aslo got me some black licorice...My favorite!  Also some candy for my desk and some flip flops for the beach someday.  He is so sweet.  I love it. Happy Mother's day to me!  Ha ha.  Peace out.


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Happy mothers day Marie Julie. I know if I ever get in an accident all I have to call is 1-800-Marie-Julie!

I bet your one of the best mom's. Its been fun watching you be a mommy. That was so sweet what Josh did for you.