Sunday, March 8, 2009

doing well

Josh and Julie are so proud of their son Heath Gordon....aka...........GORGON!!!!! He is so cute. Check him out!!! We love that wittle boy.
Drool for momma's chee cheezzzz. mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Believe it or not...Heath can play the ukelele. He can seriously stroke those strings in the most gentle way. It is amazing. He gets his talent from daddy. He is saying da da da da all the time now. He loves his dad.

Heath had a fever this week and was not happy at all!!!! I love it..he is so cute when he gets mad. It makes me smile.

Oatmeal and banana!!! Yummy. Sooo so so good.

Heath is doing well in his new place of residence. He is a new man!!! He turned 7 months yesterday. He cannot sit still even when eating. He is sitting up very well and scooting around like crazy. He does not stop...I think he gets that from momma...hee hee. This last week we have gone on some walks in this nice weather here. We also went to one of the malls here to check it out. We also discovered Sonic's dollar menu..which includes a chili frito wrap. YUM!! Don't try it or you will be addicted. At work we are expecting state to come tomorrow!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhh. I hope it goes well and that we pass. We will see.