Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

We are longing for the warm days and afternoons.  We all feel like a grizzly bear hibernating.  Well, at least mom feels that way.  She is looking forward to spring and summer.  Meanwhile, we will continue to dance with our ps3 dance games.  This week was my sister Jenifer's birthday.  We sent her some tampons and other random things.  She is 40.  She is old.  We all love Jennifer.  Some times life is a struggle.  Berke has really mastered his potty training except for the poo part.  He has taken quite a few dumps a few inches from the toilet.  He doesn't quite understand.  He will get there soon.  Regardless, we are still diaper free.  Heath likes to wrestle mom.  He will never be as strong as she is.  Berke sings the last word of the song in nursery. He was super loud this day in nursery yelling the last word of the song.  Hilarious.  Here goes another week. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012: Going to be a good one~

Time to start blogging again!  We are still in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Sometimes we wonder why we are here.  It has been almost three years since we have started our adventure here.  The two Tew boys are growing up too fast.  Heath is three and he still has his bushy blonde signature mullet.   He is going to pre-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He loves his teacher, Mrs. Lisa.  Heath is addicted to electronic anything.  He loves to play games on the mom or dad's phone.  He loves to play PS3 games or PS3 move games.  He loves to watch MARVEL shows on Netflix (so does momma).  He has the dance moves when he places the dance games.  Heath loves his brother Berkey.  Heath loves French toast and could eat it every day.  He makes weird noises sometimes.  He is silly.  He loves his new bicycle and the trampoline.  He loves Transformers and often asks mom to "can you change this to a guy?" or "can you change this into a car?"  Heafff, Heath bar, and Heaths are his current nick names.  Heath is not in nursery anymore.  Heath loves to play hide and seek with momma and hides in the same spot about every time and giggles out loud as he thinks he is invincible.  So cute!  Dad continues to tickle Heath!  Dad throws Heath up in his bunk bed every night.  Heath gives us a tight squeeze and a kiss every night.  Little Berkey is smiling and laughing often.  His recent accomplishment is that he is potty trained.  He is only 22 months.  We are so proud of this little man.  We got him some Toy Story underwear.   Berke does everything Heath does.  He does not care about any other toy, but the toy that Heath has in his hands.  He knows how to scream bloody murder if he wants something from Heath.   Berkey is happy.  He loves to suck on moms arms, imagining that he is still breast feeding, I guess.  So strange.  He has big teeth.  He sure does not like to eat healthy.  He will not touch anything healthy.  This disturbs mom.  Josh is working at the Ronald McDonald house occasionally.  We enjoy that job because the kids can go and play and eat.  It is sad to hear all the stories of the sick babies and kids.  We will continue to dance and sing @ this house.  The boys will continue to make messes and pee all over the toilet.  We will keep on keepin' on.