Tuesday, December 30, 2008

look how cute that baby boy heath is!!!!! his new tricks this week are kicking super super fast on his belly and raising his arms....he wants to crawl so badly....when he stands he kicks his left foot up and down like he wants to walk....and he has developed a new cry when he wants something. it is so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

josh gets his hair did

josh gets his hair dyed for the first time. we thought it would be darker than it turned out...but it looks good. he looks kinda red headed like his momma. i have always wanted him to dye it red and the color was supposed to be brownish and it turned reddish. i like it. it brings out his green eyes. i love josh's freckles. they are so attractive to me. he is so fine. i just love my husband so much. o i forgot to say...i even dyed his eye brows!!! hee h e hee hee hehehehh. we are going to florida in january!!! we are so excited to show heath off to everyone.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


It is a beautiful sabbath day! White. Heath loved it outside. He wanted so badly to lay in the snow and make a snow angel. We went to church today in the snow. We had to put the truck in four wheel drive. Heath loves to go to church and look at all the different faces and things. We had a great speaker today who spoke on forgivness and how spouses need to talk it out instead of not talking to each other. We are going over for dinner at dad and mom's house. They are so nice to have us over so much. Josh and I are going to try something this year...we are going to go sing to people! We will see how it goes. Heath is getting so strong. He wants to crawl so bad. He gets on his belly and kicks and pushes up with his arms. He just wants to go. Our nick names for him are....sweety, stink, heafers....momma's favorite sayings..."tome to momma"..."do want tum meelk?"..."just a sweet baby"...."goooooness"...."go git you!"..."dus a wittle baby." He is growing up too too fast. Love that baby boy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Go Jazzzzzzz

Momma just could not resist getting Heath something at the Jazz game last night!!! His favorite player is Kyle #26!! We hope Heath plays ball someday. There is nothing like a good ball game to go to especially if it your own child.

more pics

I can't stop taking pics of Heath. He is just he cutest little boy I have ever seen!!! Golly!!!

Turkey for me turkey for u.

Uncle Tim smoked a turkey. Heath enjoyed it in my milk. That kid tastes everything. Momma is not very good at saying no to jalepenos and spicy food. So Heath is used to it I guess because I eat everything. Neice Nikki is holding Heath and Uncle Travis. Heath's outfit is organic...Greg approved. Yummy yummy.


It is all going just fine. Momma works and daddy watches Heath. Heath loves his moma and dad so much. Heath is so dang cute...he makes my milk let down whenever I see his pictures. I am not producing as much milk as Heath needs...so we are going to start cereal tomorrow! I can't wait to see him eat and get is all over the place. The house is a mess. I can't seem to keep up...so I just decided to come and blog rather than clean...I am to lazy. It is my Friday...so I am going to relax for a minute. Heath is taking a nap right now. I wish he would wake up so I could see him. Well...I am not a woman of many words. So TTFN.

Christmas is coming...wher did Nov go????

We put up the christmas tree because it is Heath's 1st Christmas and because we hosted the Higley family Christmas party here at grandpa's house. The party is passed and gone. It was a full house. We had Chinese food from ABC mandarin...ugggggghhh. Momma went back to work and the month of November just disapeared. Geez louise!! Baby Heath is going to be four months tomorrow! He is getting so big. Last night Heath stayed with Jennifer and her family while Josh and I went to a Jazz game. My work invited and we had a dinner on the floor of the locker room. We got to watch the team warm up and we got to see them walk back and forth to the locker room. Josh and I got put on the jumbo screen...we got to smooch. It was fun to go on a date and see Kyle Korver up close!!! Heath was glad to see momma and dad. Jennifer is so good to us to watch baby Heath!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

look at that torso!!

heath is getting so big! he has almost doubled his birth weight! momma is back to work now and daddy is being a manny. heath is really getting to know his dad and loving him. he loves his dad so much. he smiles at him all the time! and yes...he still loves his momma. he loves to see her when she gets home from work. he is so sweet. he is laughing more and smiling more and in the process of learning how to sit up. he is doing so good! when mom is home, heath goes everywhere with her....to the store, young womens, and to meetings for work. he is so much fun and brings so much joy to our lives.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spooky day.

Heath Gordon's 1st ever Halloween! He was a roaring lion. He did not like the costume when we first put it on him and then he got used to it. He went trick or treating with Ava and Van. We went over to grandma and grandpa's house and visited them. It rained a little bit that night. Heath was very tired when he got home. Heath also had his first dum dum sucker...yum!!!! He got it all over his face. Momma is back to work full time now....daddy watches little Heath. He does a good job. Heath loves his daddy so much.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


POopy Doopy down the Leg.

Heath had the cutest Gymboree outfit on Friday and he lost it down his leg onto his socks and shoes!!! Yummy! That breast milk really keeps him regular. He went to his 1st Davis High football game. It was cold, but he was wrapped up tight and was kept warm. He loved all the noises, lights, and people all around him. We sat by Greg, Tracy and some of her family, and Tim on the top row. I had to leave early with Heaffers because he pooped again and I didn't want to change him in the freezing cold. Today at church the Young women passed him around and just loved him to death. I picked Heath up in his car seat and he landed face first on the ground because the handle was not locked. My bad!! It will be amazing if I don't injure him before he grows up....I am such a clutz. It is a beautiful fall day. The leaves are changing and it is so pretty outside. Heath loves to go outside and go on walks.

Baby Gordon 2

Friday, October 24, 2008


Heath Gordon Tew is amazing. He is so strong!!! He is very good at holding his head up and pushing off the ground with his arms. He is very good at bearing weight on his legs. He is very swirmy and loves to kick his little legs. He loves to exercise like mommy! He is a very active and healthy young man. Heath stays home with daddy while mom works. He is cooing and smiling a lot....and still crying at times. Grandpa Pete is home now in Florida. He loves Heath's cry and said that he could not tell if he was laughing or crying. It is cold!!!!!! We are excited for Heath's 1st Halloween. He is going to be a lion...RRRRRRrrrrroar!!!!