Sunday, October 26, 2008

POopy Doopy down the Leg.

Heath had the cutest Gymboree outfit on Friday and he lost it down his leg onto his socks and shoes!!! Yummy! That breast milk really keeps him regular. He went to his 1st Davis High football game. It was cold, but he was wrapped up tight and was kept warm. He loved all the noises, lights, and people all around him. We sat by Greg, Tracy and some of her family, and Tim on the top row. I had to leave early with Heaffers because he pooped again and I didn't want to change him in the freezing cold. Today at church the Young women passed him around and just loved him to death. I picked Heath up in his car seat and he landed face first on the ground because the handle was not locked. My bad!! It will be amazing if I don't injure him before he grows up....I am such a clutz. It is a beautiful fall day. The leaves are changing and it is so pretty outside. Heath loves to go outside and go on walks.


Sycamore Girl said...

Hint: if you have trouble with lots of poopy-doopy down the leg, ie: blow outs, just go up a size in his diapers. The extra room on his toosh keeps that goo all contained. :)
Dont you just love the smell of breastmilk poo?! haha (better than the other stuff!)

The Bargar Beauties said...

AAAHHH, the perks of being a mommy! Man, he is so stinkin' cute, it makes it all worth it!

Arleen said...

Love it.... runny poo.