Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Two Month Heath Gordon!!!

Heath!!! We are so proud of you! You are growing well and functioning like a normal 2 month baby should!!!! We took Heath to his two month dr appt today. His doctor is Dr Hoagland in the Kaysville Tanner Clinic. He weighed 11.57 and is 55%. His height is 23.5 and 75%. His OFC is 16 at 75%. He is doing very well. Happy two months Heath Gordon our sweet baby boy!!!


Joe, Amber and Ken Bowden said...

Hey guys, it was fun to see you today! Your baby is adorable and you look great!

The Bargar Beauties said...

So cute! Man you are pretty good at this blogging stuff, you post more often than I do:) its such a great way to scrapbook and journal at the same time!!!

:] said...

oh he is so cute!!