Saturday, October 4, 2008

FTM reunion!!!

On Oct 3rd...we had the Florida Tallahassee Mission reunion!!!! It was so much fun to see people I have not seen in awhile. They all loved baby Heath so much! We just talked and ate and talked and ate!! Leslie Coppin and I had a arm wrestle....she had no mercy for me. She has been lifting these last few months....that is why she beat me. It was so much fun. Baby Heath was awake the entire time. He was so tired by the time we got home!! Today is my birthday. I am 28! Yikes! I sang happy birthday to myself and lit a candle for myself and ate a big bowel of peaches and ice cream! Yummy. Conference was today...there were some excellent talks. The church is true, the book is blue, and God's a mormon!!!! xoxoxoxoxo


Amy said... are so funny! Leslie is just stronger. That was so fun. We definately need to get together more often. Its so much fun.

lpettey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday. I totally spaced it. It was so much fun to see you the other night. Glad you came.

Holly & Chris said...

Happy Birthday Julie-loo-who! What a good day for you to relax and eat icecream!

Your little man is such a hunk!!!

jazzykins said...

I'm so sad that I missed out on the party! It was good to see all the pics and stuff though. Heath is a cutie. Some day I'll get to see him in person. We'll plan a lunch or something for next time I'm up north, ok? Happy B-day again, girl. Glad it was a good one!

Joe, Amber and Ken Bowden said...

You are so funny! You look gorgeous! By the way, clever blog name.