Monday, October 6, 2008

Skite and Zeggy

As part of our rent, my dad has us take care of his two dogs!!! Zeggy and Skite. Skite is the sweet yellow lab who does not need to be tied up and is obedient most of the time. Zeggy is the black lab who is a naughty and has to be locked up or tied up. Zeggy has caused us more trouble that we know what to do with ourselves!!!! GEeeez!!! She has got bit by a rattle snake, she has jumped on a girl who has down syndrome (who absolutely hates dogs), she has jumped on all kinds of people both young and old, she has got caught by the pound, she has chewed through many leashes. She is just out of control!!! We take good care of them. We used to take them on long walks and hikes, but our lives changed for the better when Heath came! Thank you Heath!!!! We just hope that Zeggy won't get pregnant from some random dog!!!!

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Sycamore Girl said...

Poor Z. I know the feeling of how your priority changes once a little one comes along! Our poor dog Hank totally feels left out most of the time. He's lucky if he gets a few walks every week. Tally is getting big enought though to climb on him and play a bit, so its getting better- but its just not the same! Like they said in Disney's Lady and the Tramp: "When a baby moves in, a dog moves out!"