Sunday, April 19, 2009

haPpY EaSteR!

Heath's 1st Easter!  He got a big ball to play with and some toys.  Our neighbor brought a basket full of candy and some toys too.   Heath has a good time and even had some chocolate.  Yummy.  
Heath started making silly faces with his lips.  So cute.
He forgot his dentures in that picture!!!  

Heath is getting so big.  He can move along furniture now standing up.  His new trick this week is to shake his head and clap to patty cake...patty cake!!  He is so yummy!  He loves to be outside and play in the rocks since we don't have grass.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Heath loves bubbles!!  We got a little bottle at the WAl-marts and we are going through them fast.  Heath had a low-grade fever that has lasted about three weeks.  We have seen the MD about it and they checked his urine and it was fine.   He has no other symptoms besides a fever in the evening.  Weird.  It is getting better each day.  Nothing will stop this little boy.  He just wants to keep going no matter what!!!  He goes and goes until he cannot keep his eyes open.  He is so cute.  Sometimes momma squeezes him until he starts to cry.  I just love that boy!!!