Saturday, April 11, 2009


Heath loves bubbles!!  We got a little bottle at the WAl-marts and we are going through them fast.  Heath had a low-grade fever that has lasted about three weeks.  We have seen the MD about it and they checked his urine and it was fine.   He has no other symptoms besides a fever in the evening.  Weird.  It is getting better each day.  Nothing will stop this little boy.  He just wants to keep going no matter what!!!  He goes and goes until he cannot keep his eyes open.  He is so cute.  Sometimes momma squeezes him until he starts to cry.  I just love that boy!!!


Christi said...

Did the do a cbc? Can you run one at your work? 3 weeks - poor baby. Do you like this doc.?

He looks so cute with the bubbles.

Gage said...

You better buy more bubbles. My boys just turned 3 and they LOVE bubbles still.

Sycamore Girl said...

bubblezzzzzzzzzzz! he'll be fine. Fever is good, right? His body is just fightin whatever is going on. Could be teething. good sleep is a good cure. :)
I hope things are good in your new place.

Joe, Amber and Ken said...

Cute pictures!! I just posted some just like that of Ken. Sorry the cute little guy has been sick.