Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is Heath's first day to church. People kept asking us why we were there and that we should go home...so guess what we did???? We stayed for the entire three meetings....NOT...we were so tired we went home after the first hour. Heath Gordon was born on August 7th 2008. Momma Tew wanted him to be born on 8/8/08, but Heath was over due and she wanted him out so she tried castor oil (so did daddy Tew) and it worked!!! For the both of us!!! Josh and Julie both lost some poundage after drinking that nasty crap!!! I went into labor that night of the 6th and Heath was born the morning of the 7th! He came out looking so cute. One thing that stuck out to us was his big lower lip! So cute. When he cries he sticks that lip out so far that you want to give him anything he wants. This is much easier than scrap booking! I think we will continue to blog! Well...Julie Tew has to go put the dogs in their cage! Skite is a good dog and we don't have to tie her up, but Zeggy on the other hand is a mess and has caused us so much trouble in our life! There will be more about them to come....rattle snake bite, put in the pound, and jumping all over EVERYONE!!! C-yah for now.

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