Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OcToBer 2008

This is our first blogging experience. So here we go......so Josh and Julie are parents now! We just love our son Heath Gordon who was born August 7th, 2008. We love him with all our hearts. He has brought more laughter and love into our lives. Josh, Julie, and Heath are living in Kaysville, Utah currently and living in Greg Higley's house and renting from him for $600 cash plus utilities and we have to dogsit his two dogs...Skite and Zeggy! It is a good deal I guess because we get to eat out of his garden and live in a spacious building!!

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Sycamore Girl said...

Its funny how much information you shared in this post...! I look forward to reading your life in words! Im glad I got to see you and your little family last night!