Sunday, June 27, 2010

getting so big

the tew boys are getting so big. They are just adorable. I love them so much. Heath is still trying to hit everything in sight. He loves to kick the soccer ball & says..."I kick"..."I kick." He loves his baths. He is a little shy at first around people. He cries on the way to nursery at church. He loves to play with his choo choo & play outside. Berke is smiling, laughing, rolling over, cooing, & pooping & eating like crazy. He is so sweet. He loves to smile at church & many people enjoy his smiles. What a joy he is. Josh's sister Leslie & their family stopped by for a couple days to visit on their way to Ut. It was fun. Heath really had a good time with all of his cousins.


Angela Kay said...

I can't believe how big Berke is getting! I love all the pictures!

GP+TP said...

What cute little brothers!!! Can't believe how fast they grow. You look great Julie! Love the pictures. Teresa Peterson