Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 2010

Today is a beautiful day out in Albuquerque! The roses in our yard & the cactus are blooming. The 2 tew boys are asleep right now for their sunday afternoon nap. Berke this last week has learned to roll from his belly to his back. He has done it 5 times this week & he is only 8 weeks old. He is amazing!! This week he started to 'coo' as well. It is the sweetest thing in the world. Heath is doing great. He is now FINALLY sleeping through the night! Although he wakes up very early now. That is ok. I look at each minute in the day & want to adjust everything so that I can spend my time with the kids. I am back to work now. It is nice to work. I have always enjoyed working, but it is difficult knowing I have 2 sweet boys at home waiting for me. Such is life! Josh is still picking up dead people for French mortuary. He always has a story to tell. Heath still carries around his 'garmie'. He loves stuffed animals. He loves to shoot hoops & throw the ball at people. Josh is playing the ukulele just about everyday. Heath used to not cry when he went to nursery. Just the last 2 times he has started to fuss. O well. He will get over it soon...I hope!! Time is flying by way too fast. I cannot believe how much I love my family. They are amazing.


Sycamore Girl said...

What the? "Josh is still picking up dead people..."
That line made me laugh out loud! More on that please! :)
Time flies- wow. 8 WEEKS! Crazy.

Angela Kay said...

Yes.. your family is amazing! I love your sweet little boys..

Amy said...

Your kids look so much alike.