Sunday, April 24, 2011

abQ April 2011

It is spring time in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The birds are chirping, Heath is screaming, Berke is screaming, and dad is yelling. It is glorious. We need to plant out garden soon. Heath continues to be obsessed with race cars. One of his favorite sayings lately is "stop saying me" when someone makes him mad. He loves to play with motor cycles and "guys." He still loves to play Angry birds and any game on our Android phones. Heath has a mullet. Berke had his 1st birthday. He did not chow down on the cake like momma wanted him to, but that is ok. Berke is walking all over the place. He loves to play with the dog and says "dooooogeeeee." Both the boys love to play outside. Berke just finished breast feeding. Dad is still watching the boys. Momma loves her boys. Our dog Lucky is lucky. He went missing for about a month and came back and looked like a mess. This is the 3rd time that we have received him back. xoxooxox

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