Sunday, August 8, 2010

heath 2nd b day.

There are many soccer players in ABQ @ the parks. Heath is very good @ stealing the balls & going toward the players to try to play with them. Heath's nickname is 'Heath bar' & Berke's is 'Berkquerque.' Heath had a great 2nd b-day. He had a lot of people come & play with him @ Jerry Cline park & come sing happy birthday to him. He was so happy!!!! Some random people also gave him a soccer ball.


GP+TP said...

Gosh, he just looks like a little MAN! Can't believe he's 2! You look great Julie, cute cute boys! Teresa

Sycamore Girl said...

Happy Birthday little Heath Bar! i JUST WANT TO EAT YOU UP!!!

The Christensen's said...

oh that Heather is getting so big. i feel like we haven't seen you guys in forever. Hope you are doing good!!