Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy new year/merry christmas

Josh, Heath & momma started the new year off right & ate 3 lbs of crab legs with lemon butter to drench them in. yummmmm.

Heaths new thing is he loves to drop his pants & take them off & run. He is so cute. He is such a boy!!! Heath loves his bats! He could take them everywhere & hit everything in sight. He is very talented & can put a ball on the tee & hit it. He is getting better each week & hitting the ball super hard!!! We have taken him to sports stores @ various times & the last time we took him & would not stop following this family of boys because they had a real bat!!! It was so cute. The family adored it. Heath got a basketball hoop for Christmas & before we could set it up...he was trying to shoot at the hoop!!! I love it.

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Gage said...

Glad you had a fun holiday. Looks like fun except the crab legs. ew.