Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 2009

We found out that we are having another boy this last week. We are excited. We don't know what to name this one. Clark? Brick? Berke? We don't know. Heath is now pitching fits. When he does not get what he wants or gets mad...he throws himself to the ground. He is learning to far, mamma, uh oh, & gank u. He loves to go to church. He does not stop at church...just go, go, go!!! Man, he wears momma out. He talks a lot of jibberish...guyda guyda funny. I understand it all. I love Heath!


Sycamore Girl said...

What a beautiful baby and a beautiful Baby Bump! I love that we mothers can understand everything our kids say! Its all in using context clues!
Are you coming to UT for the Sister's Christmas Party?

Angela Kay said...

i wonder if heath and emma understand each other..